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About Jinan University

Founded in 1906, Jinan University is the first institution to initiate education of Overseas Chinese. It is one of China’s “One Hundred Key Universities”, directly under Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. There are 27 colleges, 59 departments, 178 research institutions and 77 laboratories within this University. Comprehensive academic disciplines, teaching excellence and constantly improving schooling make Jinan University attractive to students at home and abroad. Up to April 2014, there are 46,750 students, 10,471 of which are graduates on campus (including 1,214 doctoral students, 7,977 master students and 1,280 on-the-job master students), 20,718 of which are full-time undergraduates on campus and 11,532 of which are Overseas Chinese students, foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Over a long history, a galaxy of famous scholars has taught in Jinan University. Among these are Ma Yinchu, Zheng Zhenduo, Liang Shiqiu, Wang Yanan, Zhou Gucheng, Qian Zhongshu, Zhou Jianren, Xia Yan, Xu Deheng, Hu Yuzhi, Yan Jici, Chu Tunan, Huang Binhong, Pan Tianshou, etc. Currently, there are 1918 full-time teachers in the University, including 2 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 476 Ph.D. candidate supervisors, 502 professors and 690 associate professors.

The University has signed more than 300 bilateral agreements or established academic exchange relationships with universities and colleges and cultural institutions all over the world. It actively promotes academic and educational exchange with 43 countries, Hong Kong and Macau. Besides, it has offices in Hong Kong and Macau and has established an education foundation in Hong Kong.

The University has four campuses, including two in Guangzhou, one in Shenzhen and one in Zhuhai, while a new campus is being built in Guangzhou. The main campus is located in Guangzhou, and covers a total area of 1.69 million square meters. The attractive campus boasts magnificent trees, beautiful willows, reflecting lakes, as wells as distinctive Chinese-Western mixed-style architecture that not only reflects its modern atmosphere, but also its legacy of history and culture.

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